“My Ticket� – a revolutionary way to distribute BWW function tickets. BWW Global Launches the form of a electronic ticketing facility, which shall be an end to end ticketing module available through your Smartphone & Web portal.

  • Function integrated with Smartouch app. So no need to download another app.
  • Seamlessly works across platforms viz. Android as well as iOS. At the same time this module works well with feature phones apart from Smartphones.
  • Leaders have the liberty to buy tickets upfront or pick tickets on credit just as they are doing currently.
  • Just as the leaders distribute tickets to their down lines, My Ticket follows the same pattern of working but electronically.
  • At the click of the button, tickets shall be made available across the country simultaneously. Hence zero transit time through courier.
  • Tracking all your ticket transactions just got easy…click & get it on your Smartphone.
  • The electronic ticket serves the dual purpose of KYC (Know Your Customer) norm as well which is a statutory requirement.

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