Welcome to BWW Global

BWW GLOBAL (BWW) is one of the largest education and training companies with its business affiliates spread across the world. It provides education and training with the objective of helping its business affiliates achieve success in their business building endeavour.

BWW through its affiliates has presence in India for about 20 years. It has been successfully running its business education system that services over half a million affiliate in India.

BWW's purpose is to identify the needs and provide business solutions with the aim of helping its affiliates build sustainable business. The attitudinal training given also improves their quality of life. BWW has been in this field for nearly few decades and has the necessary expertise and a unique set of capabilities to help every affiliate achieve his dream. BWW keeps setting high standards for this business and is continuously enriched by the inputs it receives from global leaders who have been in this business for several years. It maintains the highest standards in terms of quality and efficiency.

We organizes over 1000 business education colloquiums that have an attendance of about 50000 plus attendees per month on an average. This pushes BWW to the frontrunner position in India, as far the events industry goes. It has totally 16 offices across India and plans to open many more in the coming years.

BWW stands for Integrity, Commitment, Excellence, and Unity. It has been steadfast in adhering to its business values and ethics; as a result, it has earned the trust of millions of its business affiliates and clients.

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